The principals of Falcon Real Estate have had extensive experience in planning and implementing various types of offshore commingled vehicles or funds. The establishment of the fund in the most advantageous jurisdiction, the appropriate tax planning for the fund, and the proper structuring for the fund are all matters about which Falcon can provide relevant advice. In addition, the principals of Falcon Real Estate have had particular experience in advising on the accounting policies that should apply to a commingled vehicle. Having correct valuations of the fund at regular intervals is one of the most important administrative activities involved in the management of an offshore fund. Falcon has the necessary expertise to handle all of these valuation and accounting matters on an on-going basis.

Falcon has been chosen by Kuwait Finance House and also by HSBC to manage real estate funds that were invested in office properties across the country. And Falcon has independently created and marketed a large number of single-property funds that have invested in several different types of properties with various risk parameters. These single-property funds have been structured to provide favorable tax treatment for both the overseas and U.S. investors in those funds. 


Fund Services