The management of U.S. commercial and industrial real estate is a highly complex and demanding task, and there is a direct correlation between the effective management of an investment property and the degree of success realized in an investment. Falcon Real Estate provides strong, professional asset management for our clients’ properties. From its nationwide offices, Falcon manages such properties in major markets in virtually every part of the country. These assignments cover a wide spectrum of property types, from office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings and apartment complexes to undeveloped land. Many of these asset management assignments require Falcon to contend with such situations as re-leasing vacant space, renovating or upgrading a property’s physical condition, refinancing maturing mortgages and generally maintaining a property’s economic viability.

When Falcon is acting as asset manager, our staff establishes an overall management and leasing strategy and creates an annual operating budget. This budget is reviewed monthly against actual results from the property. All receipts and disbursements are accounted for, and strict control is maintained over all cash assets. Falcon asset managers inspect each property quarterly, or more frequently if necessary. At the end of each quarter, a detailed accounting report is provided to the owner, and a recapitulation is provided each year. As asset manager, Falcon will retain local property managers in those cases where such managers are required, with the cost of the local managers usually being borne by the tenants.


Asset Management