Experienced Management

In 1991 real estate experts Howard Hallengren (Chairman) and Jack Miller (President) left Chase Manhattan Bank to found Falcon Real Estate, and they immediately began assembling a team of real estate professionals with broad and diverse experience.
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Customized Investment Strategies

Before recommending properties for acquisition by an investor, Falcon places primary emphasis on developing an investment strategy with the client that accurately assesses and meets the risk and return objectives of the client. This helps focus the ensuing acquisition process on appropriate properties.
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Comprehensive Services

Falcon offers an extensive list of highly professional advisory and management services for the real estate investor.
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Broad Geographic Coverage

In order to have immediate access to U.S. property investment opportunities, and to maintain an intimate level of familiarity with the market, Falcon has offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Miami and San Francisco.
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Institutional Relationships

Since its inception in 1991, Falcon has developed relationships with a number of major corporate institutions such as Credit Suisse and Kuwait Finance House.
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