Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Falcon Real Estate has one of its most important offices in Dallas, Texas. This is the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States, and has grown at more than double the rate of any of the eight larger areas during the period from 1990 to 2000. Only the New York City and Los Angeles areas added more population in absolute numbers during this period. Dallas also led the entire United States in the number of new jobs created over the last ten years. Its central location, with easy access to anywhere in the U.S. through Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, makes it a natural choice for a diversified range of companies. Due to abundant land for new construction, low labor costs, and no state income tax, the overall cost of living and doing business in Dallas is significantly lower than most other locations.

The positive economic environment in Dallas and Houston (the tenth largest metropolitan area in the U.S.) has allowed Texas to become the second most populous state, surpassing New York in the last census. During the last ten years, Texas grew at nearly double the rate of California, almost matching its growth in absolute numbers.

In addition to covering the Dallas real estate market, Falcon’s Dallas office also houses the company’s accounting department. With state-of-the-art equipment and software, the accounting for all of our client’s real estate investments nationwide is performed at this location and provided to our asset managers around the country.

The Dallas office is also responsible for covering several other real estate markets in the Central United States, including Houston, Austin and Denver. These are all rapidly growing markets, with attractive investment opportunities as corporations relocate and grow, and their employees need additional residential and shopping opportunities.


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