To be considered a bona fide submission, an investment package must be sent to the appropriate acquisition office of Falcon Real Estate. (Phone calls and other informal communications will not be considered bona fide submissions.) This investment package should include substantially all of the following items:

1. A complete physical description of the property.

2. A detailed rent roll, with lease details, such as current rent, escalations, options and all pertinent expense and tax details.

3. Information as to the tenant(s) including nature of their business and their credit quality.

4. Assumptions as to re-leasing as leases roll over.

5. Exterior and interior pictures, together with maps of the area.

6. Operating statements for the past three years.

7. Budget for the current fiscal year, with operating results to date.

8. Recent and proposed capital expenditures

9. Asking price

10. Expected due date for offers.


Broker Information
Property Submission Requirements